3F-2016 General Mission Grant Application

Please read Full 2016–3F Overview and Call for Proposals

And download a word doc version of this application here.

ORGANIZATION INFORMATION (must be a 501c(3) or overseas equivalent)

Organization’s full name (to receive funding):

*EIN #:

Full mailing address:


*If not a US organization, does

Organization website:

Name of English speaking contact person (include prefix (Mr./Ms./Dr. etc.): 



Organization contact’s name:

Organization contact’s title:


Daytime phone number:



Project title/name:

Description/purpose of grant (one sentence summary):


Amount Requested:



Please be prepared to provide the following documents if requested by our funding agent, Marin Community Foundation (MCF). You do not need to send it to us at this time:

  1. A summary P&L and balance sheet from the last fiscal year
  2. Current year’s organizational budget including anticipated revenue and expenses
  3. List of current Board of Directors, preferably with contact information
  4. Letter of Determination from the IRS

*OVERSEAS APPLICANTSplease read the Grant International Checklist and have that  information available for our funding agent (MCF)  if and/or when requested by MCF. You do not need to send it to us at this time.


  1. Describe what you and your group/organization is and wants to do, when, where, and how. Include methods to be used, materials and services required and a timeline. (Timeline must note a proposed mid-point task(s) and/or indicators and a due date for them; as well as a completion target date, usually less than 12 months.);
  1. Describe indicators you think should be used to assess progress and conclusions of the project and note these in your timeline (this will be used in your payment schedule);
  1. Provide an argument, and perhaps evidence (e.g., a needs assessment), that this effort is consistent with the aims of 3F. This should include a discussion of social payoff and epistemological benefits (i.e. knowledge + understanding/insights & behavior);
  1. Give your estimate (and evidence) of feasibility and importance, with emphasis on expected tangible results that will be widely available; include qualifications of the personnel involved (note expertise, experience, knowledge, training, etc.);
  1. Submit a detailed budget and, if appropriate, evidence for its accuracy and cost-effective­ness (e.g., don’t include travel when video can do the job). Note that 3F will not pay overhead beyond about 10%, preferably less.
  1. Keep all this down to a maxi­mum of a 3-5,000 thousand words (e.g. by severely condensing your cv), to reduce the investment of time by you and us. (It is acceptable to point to a website which has additional information about you or your project. However, the website information will not necessarily be read, so the submitted proposal must contain sufficient information to be complete and stand on its own.)

To Submit:
Please send us this application by email to fasterforwardfund@gmail.com with “FFF -2016 Grant Application” in the subject line.  If you do not receive an email confirmation within 36 hours, please resend.

Applications must be received electronically by midnight PST on November 15, 2016.
Again, We look forward to receiving your proposal!

Michael Scriven, Founder and the Faster Forward Fund Advisory Committee.