Projects & Applications

The Faster Forward Fund has several new and developing projects–click on the links below for more details.

  • We are currently not accepting applications; our third annual round of grants will be announced soon.
  • New 3F Project-The Faster Forward Fund Special Focus Prizes (4F): The Essay Prizes. A new $1,000 “Focus Award” was started this year.  Stay tuned for upcoming competitions!
  • Curious to find out more about the Claremont Graduate University Faster Forward Fellowship? The 2016 winning paper is available here. And to see the 2015 three winning papers click here.
  • Need some advice by an experienced evaluator? See if you might qualify for a free mini-consultation through our  Micro Pro Bono Project for expert support.
  • The “Evaluation for an Equitable Society”, a 3F book project published with support from the European Evaluation Society is now available at