Grant Guidelines and Application


Do you have an idea that will advance the field of evaluation? Apply for a Faster Forward Grant and support innovation in our field.

We review applications on an ongoing basis.

We are now accepting applications from universities, nonprofits, other organizations, individuals and groups working to move the field of evaluation into the new millennium.

What do we fund?

In general, we fund proposals that produce new understanding or evaluative information about evaluation. Typically these involve research that is suitable for publication in a paper, chapter, or a set of these.

What don’t we fund?

We do not fund work that has previously been published, online or in hard copy. We also do not fund evaluations–even if they use a novel methodology. Instead, the research focus must be on that novel methodology, not just embodying it.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be affiliated with a registered 501(c)(3) university, non-profit, or other tax-exempt entity.

What budgets do we fund?

Applications for a few thous­and dollars are more likely to be supported than those requesting or requir­ing tens of thousands. This is partly because there can be more grants if we fund small amounts; and also because large grants are beyond current 3F capacity.

Submission requirements

To apply, submit an application that provides detail on the following areas. While we welcome “out-of-the-box” application formats; you are also welcome to respond to the