Faster Forward Fellowship FAQ’s


  • For the structure of the paper, are research proposals in APA format (i.e. a title page, abstract, etc) permitted? Yes, this is encouraged.
  • For the word count, will the reference pages, abstract, title page, tables, and figures go towards the word count? The short answer is yes, but we understand some papers may require more references and tables, etc., Therefore, entries  will not be scored negatively if the word count goes over the limit due to a word count overage in footnote, references and tables, etc..  
  • Can I submit a joint paper in collaboration with a fellow qualified CGU student? At this time, Fellowship awards must be to a single student. However, whomever contributes the most ideas or work can be the author, if the other agrees to settle for very strong allocations of responsibility in a footnote or introductory section.
  • Although I am currently enrolled at CGU, I haven’t taken any classes in evaluation at CGU but have studied it elsewhere. Can I still apply?  Please email 3F and request a confirmation of eligibility.  We need a confirmation that you have taken some classes in evaluation or have had some equivalent experience.
  • I recently had to take a leave of absence but plan to attend again next semester, am I eligible? Please email  3F and request a clarification of eligible to submit a paper, but prize money will only be given to students currently enrolled at CGU.
  • Do I have to submit a proposal for approval prior to its acceptance? The short answer is no.  However, you are encouraged to get general feedback on a paper topic by emailing a short description or abstract to:  The purpose of the essay is to help further the goals of 3F and support CGU evaluation students: having a project that more closely aligns with 3F’s goals will be a positive.
  • When will the winner(s) be announced? We usually announce the winning essay(s) by April 1 of each year.
  • Will the winning papers be published? We “publish” all winning papers on our website.  We support submitted papers being published elsewhere after our awards have been announced.