The Faster Forward Fund’s purpose is to advance the practice and profession of evaluation by providing financial resources to support innovative approaches within (and about) the evaluation field, especially if they offer ways of:

  • Accelerating (not merely advancing) the theory or practice of evaluation and meta-evaluation, particularly by supporting work on their everyday presuppositions,
  • Supporting highly original, revolutionary, maverick, or ‘out of the box’ ideas that are often dismissed as long-shots,
  • Special weighting for projects likely to benefit people(s) with serious unmet needs, whether physical, social, economic, educational, or political.

The Faster Forward Fund is a Donor Advised Fund operating through the Marin Community Foundation.  This fund is overseen by the 3F Advisory Committee, which includes about 25 senior scholars and administrators who specialize in evaluation, including several former presidents of the American Evaluation Association. This group of individuals is responsible for oversight of soliciting, reviewing and recommending grant applications and has significant ongoing input to the Fund.

  • Our 2016 General Mission Awards and Special Focus Awards will be announced soon.
  • Apart from our main funding effort we also support many other projects.
  • For more information about the 2016 Faster Forward Fellowship winner, Annie Arcuri, click here.
  • Find out more about our first Supertext Project, a critical thinking book project in collaboration with AILACT (Association for Informal Logic And Critical Thinking) and the University of Windsor, click here.

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